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Hi! I’m Pat.

I created BrainLinking. I’m a ‘student of kids.’

This site is a peek into the ideas and practices that have become my tool-kit for understanding how we learn, why some of us struggle to learn, and various, even some unconventional, ways to turn the frustration into success.

I confess – I was an ADD kid before it was a ‘thing.’ My childhood family-life was crazy and confusing. For fun, I gathered neighborhood kids and wrote plays for us to perform; I loved math class and stole away on Sunday mornings to the neighborhood Baptist church for the music. I dreamed of becoming a teacher even as I bit my nails to the quick just thinking about having to write a report. I know about school struggles. I was the first (and only) in my family of four kids to graduate from college (BYU). Looking back, I attribute my degree and teaching certificate to stubborn, unrelenting determination, window-washing and waitressing . . . and miracles.

The ‘teacher dream’ came true thousands of times during the next eighteen years as a classroom teacher. Children from Kindergarten to HS Seniors, from Texas & Georgia to India & Japan, convinced me that all of them were truly Geniuses, though many of them struggled with basic skills! Even a Master’s Degree in literacy (UC Berkeley) earned during summer breaks, didn’t answer the question of why some kids could steal my car in 90 seconds but couldn’t read.

Kids’ struggles drove my curiosity, and over the years I studied the work of others who were also working to understand and offer answers, among them:

  • Davis Dyslexia
  • Frank Belgau Balametrics
  • Foundation for Critical Thinking
  • Jean Ayres Sensory Integration Methodology
  • Advanced Brain Technologies & The Listening Program
  • Structure of Intellect based on Guilford’s Theory (Meeker)
  • Kouzi Suzuki’s Japanese Soroban (abacus) for American Children
  • Taylor Associates Reading Assessments & Instructional Technology

Visagraph testingIn 1995, after an inspiriting two-year literacy project in inner-city Atlanta schools, I embraced an opportunity to teach high school special education in Utah.  A year later my first BrainLinking, Inc. students began their adventure toward activating the genius within.   The mission: Success! One child at a time!

Fall 2016 BrainLinking will celebrate twenty years! It’s been a fascinating journey, teaching and continuing my own learning, surrounded by amazing geniuses of all ages! They are parents and professionals from workshops, various speaking engagements and conference presentations about “Preparing the Brain to Learn,” “Activities for Brain Integration,” and “Visual Perception, Eye-Movement and Reading Comprehension.” Some were clients and associates from working in John Stockton’s  Warehouse Sports Facility in Spokane, WA; others were former NBA players.  They continue to be teachers, physicians, occupational therapists, daycare professionals, psychologists, homeschooling parents, and juvenile court officers who value the BrainLinking work and continue to refer their clients, relatives and friends with whom we also work. Most importantly, my treasured geniuses these past four decades have been and continue to be the great youngsters and their parents who are my constant teachers. I’m grateful to each of them for their generosity and for the enduring friendships formed along the way.

Please browse the site, email your questions or your stories here, invite me to speak to your group, or call me to discuss some options to lessen your child’s struggles.

Thank you for reading ‘About’ BrainLinking,

Pat Rosenbury (CEO, Founder)


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