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STEM EVENT at Elk Meadows Elementary School


Welcome, Visitors, to BrainLinking’s new Blog!

Blogging is still a technology exploration for me, but I’m glad to chat with my friends and clients, and to you who are curious about what we do and why I believe it’s important.

This spring I enjoyed a fascinating STEM day event at the Elk Meadows Elementary School in Utah’s Jordan School District. Thanks to the mom of one of my students who told the organizers about her BrainLinking experience, I was invited to share some of the impacts and influences of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math in my business. During four twenty-minute sessions I met about eighty bright responsive geniuses and their teachers!

I shared the Visagraph Goggles, the greatest technology I use to assess a person’s eye movement when they read. One second-grader, watching the Red-Dot on my computer screen, asked why the reader’s eyes were ‘jumping all over.’ Every BrainLinking student could have answered that:  ‘Because that’s how her eyes were moving when she read.’  The moving red dot in the graph showed us that this child’s eyes were having a difficult time tracking the words.

My engineering ‘share’ was the beloved BrainLinking Balance Board, which some willing young volunteers found to be a giggle-inducing challenge! I wished I had invited some expert BrainLinking students with me that day to exhibit their skills.

Soft Skills’, an interesting and wise inclusion by the event organizers provided some delicious food for thought.  Those of us who live or work with children are constantly teaching and modeling our own soft skills. This day my note card had several of the many suggestions circled: initiative, motivation, listening, and problem-solving.

Now I ask you as parent and teacher: Please take a moment to consider which soft skills you convey to your kids and students. In what ways and in what situations are you teaching, intentionally and unconsciously?

Hip Hip Hurray!! We could happily spend all day, every day, engrossed in STEM explorations!

I HOPE I GET INVITED AGAIN!  I never outgrew my love of show-&-tell at school. I’m always willing and eager to speak to groups of children or parents about my passion, Learning.

Thank you for reading my Blog. I welcome your comments and questions via our Contact Us comment form.

Let’s never forget the Power of Play for every age!


Pat Rosenbury

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  1. Candice Ranier
    Candice Ranier says:

    I would love to have BrainLinking visit my school. The fifth graders would find the Visagraph fascinating. How can I arrange that?

  2. Brock Pearson
    Brock Pearson says:

    Great work Aunt Pat! I’ve shared your site on my social networks! Hope it helps people see how much you can help them.


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