Focusing, Concentration and Attention

BrainLinking clients describe their children’s focusing difficulties:

  • “My son’s teacher says he just can’t stay focused in class!”
  • “My third-grader doesn’t pay attention. It’s as though she didn’t even hear what I said!”
  • “She’s so easily distracted she can’t concentrate for more than two minutes!”
  • “He’s constantly restless, kicking the legs of his chair, squirming and jumping up. . . ”

Parents feel distressed. Kids are frustrated. Lives are busy with jobs, school, sports activities, music lessons, play dates, vacations. When . . .  How is a parent to teach focus! There’s just not enough time!

The ability to focus and concentrate is foundational for learning. Without the ability to focus attention with precision, learning can be disjointed, random, confusing and like trying to catch a gadfly with a hoola hoop!

Focus & ConcentrationWithout practiced concentration skills, the brain is often in a whirlwind, desperately trying to catch and tie together incomplete thoughts.  When attention is repeatedly interrupted, we must continually reconstruct or lose what we have been thinking.  Of course, it’s bewildering!

We may have a definition of focusing but not an internalized picture of what it looks and feels like. This sets up an especially frustrating situation for kinesthetic learners; and after years or repeating this particular cycle, many youngsters fatigue of the effort and stop believing in their true abilities.


BrainLinking provides specific and repeated activities proven to help students understand, practice, and internalize what focusing is. Sustained, self-directed attention and focus ARE Learned Skills!    

BrainLinking students and parents love the activities, the joy of accomplishment, and the confidence that comes from being able to focus, pay attention and concentrate. Parents, teachers, coaches and students quickly see the success that is the natural result of focusing and concentration in all aspects of the students’ school experiences and throughout their lives!

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