(As Individual as Eyes and Body Types)

Frequently, a parent comes to BrainLinking and explains that her child doesn’t ‘get it’ when she tries to help with homework or studying. Or ‘This child has sat in school all day, and now he doesn’t seem to have a clue about what his class learned that day.’ How We Learn becomes the conversation.

Learning StylesEach of us has particular ways we learn most easily. Likewise, we tend to ‘teach’ in much the same way that we prefer to learn. Some references have a term for these preferred ways to learn: Learning Styles. Everyone uses more than one of these styles; usually many ways of taking in and sharing information are used.

Some Learning Style Examples:

Auditory learners find sound (spoken language, music, sounds in nature, etc.) to be easy and preferred.

Kinesthetic learners like to manipulate and touch things, twist them around, see them in space. They enjoy tapping pencils, bobbing a knee or poking a sibling.

Visual learners primarily love images, color, design and pictures, some seeing words as pictures, and color and texture as vibrant and dynamic.

Verbal learners enjoy sharing ideas with expression, feeling the rhythm and cadence of language.

These Are Some of the Various Ways We Learn. Combinations of these styles creates a myriad of ways to learn and teach. The real value of an awareness of differing Learning Styles arises in working with or teaching others.

When Frustration Starts, Learning Stalls! Appreciation of how we learn gives us and others insight into how we understand, process, and retain what we experience.  It affects how we use knowledge and experience to create, evaluate and problem solve. In reality, we all learn in several ways, but generally our preferred teaching style will be consistent with our favored learning style. Sometimes differing styles can provoke frustration at home or in other situations.

Magically, Success Happens when BrainLinking clients and parents learn the value of understanding various Learning Styles: the personal keys to effective learning AND teaching!

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