Memory Training

Children in many countries (Japan, Sweden and India, among others) experience daily memory training and practice as part of their regular school curriculum. With this regular, systematic training and practice, it becomes realistic to “expect” students to acquire, remember and retrieve information.

Memory imageMemory isn’t a single tree but rather a myriad of branches and twigs.

  • Semantic (words, language)
  • Abstract (symbolic)
  • Concrete (things, objects)
  • Auditory (sounds, music)
  • Visual (images, spatial dimensions)
  • Kinesthetic (muscle, movement, motor skills)

BrainLinking assesses a client’s various memory skills (ie, weak semantic memory or well-developed symbolic memory). We systematically work with students ages 5-75 to understand why, for example, basic arithmetic memorization or name recall is so frustrating. Then we recommend exercises which develop and strengthen the neural links for strong memory skills.

The BrainLinking systematic memory training results in skills for understanding and effectively acquiring, storing and retrieving information. Focusing ability and an integrated, organized brain are fundamental to the development of memory. We combine a stimulating program of in-office coaching and at-home practice (with software, yours to continue using at home with your family even after completing our program). People of any age can improve memory, increase focusing, and strengthen brain integration and organization through our exercises.

BrainLinking students learn and develop memory skills necessary to:

  • Acquire information
  • Store information/knowledge
  • Retrieve/Recall stored knowledge

Even mature clients who suffer from age-related memory losses have benefited from the BrainLinking Memory Program.

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